Gifts For Guys

Hey Everyone! We all know how hard shopping for the men in our lives can be, especially around Christmastime! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has walked into a department store standing there like I was lost – and then a store clerk asks if I need help. (And I’m like if you only knew … haha)

Anyways, here I have compiled a few of my faves for guys that they’ll actually use! And, they’re all under $50!


  1. “The Art of Fixing Things”

A great book for anybody’s man who isn’t ….. err…. very handy! It has everything he needs to know plus more! Find it here: The Art Of Fixing Things.


2. “The Holdster” Mug

This mug is simply what a mug for men should be – rugged, manly and made of mason jars/leather! The website shows it as a mug for beer, but its just like any other mug. Find it here: Holdester Mug


3.  “The Unbreakable Hatchet”

For the outdoorsman, the Unbreakable Hatchet is made by Fiskars and is a 14″ hatchet. Find It Here: Fiskars Unbreakable Hatchet


4.  “Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine – Professional”

Basically a orb of light that uses LED’s and is super bright! Great for indoors, outdoors, camping, hiking or anything in between! And it’s magnetic!  Find It Here: Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine


5.  “Guitar Pick Punch”

For the music lover in your life – a guitar pick punch so he’ll never have to be out of guitar picks again! Find It Here: Guitar Pick Puncher


6.  “50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener”

He probably has a cap that has a bottle opener on it ….. and a pair of sandals ….. so why not a 50 cal bullet?  Find It Here:50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener  


7.  “Camera Lens Mug”

For the creative guy in your life (like my dad) this mug is perfect! It looks soooo much like an actual camera lens! Find It Here: Camera Lens Mug


8.  “.45 Colt Nickel Bullet Cuff Links”

For the man thats a little preppy and a little country! These are actually pretty classy and look really nice! Find It Here: .41 Colt Cuff Links


9.  “Waxed Canvas Watch Roll”

For the guy that loves watches …… or has a few. This could possibly be used for other small items, too, and would be great for traveling! Find It Here: Canvas Watch Roll


10.  “Steer Horn Drinking Cups”

A unique and attractive gift for the rugged guy in your life …. there’re a usable work of art that you might not want to use! And, 2 cups come in each pack you buy! Find It Here: Steer Horn Drinking Cups – 2 Pack


Hopefully this quick guide helped you with some creative ideas for your man (or men) in your lives! Here’s to not looking so lost in the department stores! Merry Christmas!


XOXO – Autumn


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