Winter Vacation + What I Pack While Traveling 

Hello all! As we make our way towards home I have a couple (alright, a few) hours to spend on blogging about the trip and also what all I pack while traveling! 

Normally we don’t take Winter vacations so close to Christmas, but this year my parents and fiancé surprised me by taking me to one of my favorite places in the world – Asheville, NC. I fell in love with this beautiful place a long time ago on a birthday trip my parents took me on. We went to Asheville, NC and visited Biltmore Estate. This trip my parents, fiancé and I vistited Biltmore and Historic Biltmore Village – a bustling and very beautiful upscale shopping district that also showcases some of Biltmores history. 

As we leave today I have some hours to reflect on the fun and precious memories we made while here. Since I’m getting married this Spring, everything seemed to be more nostalgic and I simply love that. Spending time with my parents and my fiancé at one of my favorite places was a blast and a blessing! 

But, since it was a surprise this brings me to my other subject of this post – what I pack while traveling.  

Now remember that this trip was a very big surprise, so this time my trip bag was missing a couple of these items but for the most part everything was packed like normal. 

First, I always carry a “trip bag” with me in the car along with my purse. For me, this is my favorite duffle bag that I purchased at a small boutique in Charleston, SC this past spring. You can find a similar one Here because I couldn’t find the exact one I have online. (It is the aqua duffle seen in the picture above) 

What do I carry in this bag? I have a couple of staples. 

  1. My Laptop – an essential I always take because I’m always either writing, marketing my products or researching something! 
  2. My iPad – I’m a Pinterest fanatic, and prefer to be on Pinterest on my iPad rather than a little tiny phone screen. Plus, it’s easier to pack in my purse if I need to.
  3. My Favorite Dry Shampo – Batiste Blush is by far my fave dry shampoo (so far) and is a complete essential for me while traveling! I’m a big fan of top knots/messy buns when traveling and having this around helps me achieve this! 
  4. Danskin Black Leggings – my traveling pants of choice! So comfortable and perfect for most seasons. 
  5. Notebook – because I’m always writing something or making a list! These Rifle Paper Co. notebooks are feminine and beautiful. 
  6.  Medium Weight Rain Jacket – because you never know what kind of weather you’ll run into. 
  7. My Makeup – travels in this bag so it’s not in my purse but it’s not out of my reach, either. 
  8. My Favorite Hairspray – good to have around for different hairstyles, and what I always use for my top knots and messy buns! I love this hairspray because it brushes out easy, smells great and makes it look like you don’t even have hairspray on! 
  9. My Planner – this is by far my favorite planner ever! It’s a Lily Pulitzer 2016 Planner and is simply perfect! 
  10. My Bible – I always take this smaller (but still big print) Bible with me in my trips! It’s the perfect size to pack and is just a nice and really pretty Bible in general! 

So there you go! There’s my absolute staples for my trip bag! There’s more I always pack in it, but those items almost always stay in that bag so I can just grab it and go. 

Happy Christmastime! 

XOXO – Autumn 


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