Hello All!

I know its been a while, and last post I listed things that would be blogged about soon. Don’t worry – they are still going to be shared but not this particular post.

Lately I’ve been able to do a lot of thinking about my blogging and knowing I’m behind, felt that I needed to catch you up on a couple things.


Since my last post a lot has changed, happened and brought new everyday challenges, one being that Samuel and I are now the parents of a our little Adeline, a border collie mixed puppy! She has added a lot of new challenges and levels to our lives, and we love her for it!

We are also now sooooo close to the wedding that a lot of little things are still left to do – and ultimately they have been put into the time slot I had originally devoted to blogging. It’s time to cross out t’s and dot our i’s, which can take some fancy legwork sometimes and honestly the whole process has been such an experience!

I’m excited to say that after our wedding I plan on sharing a lot here on the blog and have a couple big posts I’ve decided to write about, but you’ll have to wait until about mid May to discover those!

I hope you are having a good Springtime and are enjoying the beautiful scenery God is painting for us!






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