Easy Healthy Muffin Quiche!

Hello! Today I’ll be sharing an easy peasy muffin quiche recipe!

Quiches are great for any time of the day and are 100% versatile because you can add almost ANY ingredient! Since I’m trying to eat clean and healthy, my muffin quiches have less ingredients.

Here’s a step-by-step picture guide to Easy Healthy Muffin Quiches!

Step One:

To start, get out a medium mixing bowl & whisk.



Step Two:

Get out your muffin pan. I used a deep 6-cup muffin pan, however small would work just as well.



Step Three:

Get out your eggs and anything else you wish to use! I use organic vegetarian-fed chicken eggs, which are super delicious! Here I used chopped onion and shredded ham meat.



Step Four:

Whisk your eggs together, then add your other ingredients to the mix!



Step Five:

Once you’re done mixing everything thoroughly, simply pour into your muffin pan!



Step Six:

Place into your oven at 350 for at least 30 minutes. For my oven, 30 minutes cooked it p e r f e c t l y but I know that every oven is different, so the first time you make them you’ll need to make sure to check them constantly!



Final Step:

When your quiche is ready, just take it out to cool!


Enjoy your Easy Muffin Quiches!


XOXO – Autumn



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