and then, she flew 

Hello, Loves!!

Have you ever been on a rollercoaster? You know that moment where you are at the peak – and about to dive down?

That moment where you are scared, nervous, and excited? Where you’re thinking “why did I do this?!” but as soon as the track releases the rollercoaster and it starts inching forward until you’ve finally done it – gone over the edge – you feel weightless and limitless?

That’s how finding yourself – and then moving forward, feels.

I’m in the moment where the track just released and my life’s rollercoaster is inching forward. I guess you could say it’s where the ball slowly starts moving – and you know there’s great things to come!

Starting a new venture isn’t as scary though when you have a good support system, which I do, so the dive downward won’t be so bad – and I’m so thankful!

The more I think about it, the funnier it gets because now I see a lot that, over the years, has shifted and changed for this perfect moment to start what I was meant to do. Not everything was big and bold, either, but that just shows you how seamlessly God works.

During the end of 2016, I typed out a whole plan of ideas, projects and certain things I wanted to do on the land.

Every single morning since then I have woken up and read each one. I have them taped to my side of the wall above my nightstand, and now all of a sudden three of them are in motion!

It’s a lot like a baby bird in the nest – God brought me to the edge, showed me what to do, and pushed me to where I teetered on the edge. The final little nudge now has me freefalling, and it’s my time to fly.

He’s given me all I need to start – the passion, the love, the support, the smarts and the resources. Boundless resources!

The more I use all this, I’ll flap my wings and fly until finally, I’ve made enough progress to look down and have a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

Every morning during my devotions I feel Him talking to me and giving me this beautiful inner peace that I’ve longed for, for so long. The deeper I delve into this world of growing and sustainability the more support I find that I have – working the land truly is a family affair!

I get excited because I know that one day, I will have an abundance to share with others – and I cannot wait to see their faces and their smiles. Giving back to my community, and brothers and sisters in Christ is something I cannot wait to be able to do.

To know where our food came from, and to know that it was taken care of organically and humanely will be something beautiful!

Also, I recently noticed just how well being transparent with all of you is going – it’s certainly an improvement, don’t you think? I love being able to really share my emotion and thoughts with you, instead of everything being curated and pre-planned.

I think it’s what makes a writer truly great – and how readers feel connected to the author. (even though I know I have a long way to go!)

If there’s one piece of advice I feel like I’m being lead to share it’s this – never give up on your dreams, people. Never.

I don’t care how old you are, what you have going on or how many children you have. I believe that if you have a deep passion inside you – no matter what that may be – that it was placed there by God and that with a little work on your end, God will make it happen!

I mean, He placed it there for a reason.

Being’s that I’m 20, I feel blessed to have been able to find myself at this age to get a good headstart on this life path I’m on – but you don’t have to be young to do little things to build up your passions! (even though I’m diving headfirst!)

My parents are fulfilling their life’s dream at an older age – they are putting a “tiny house”  deep in the woods of our land on the creek, and will help build and mold this farm back to its glory. (they’re also travel bugs, so I’m sure some traveling will be going on, too!)

I think that life it too short not to work on your dreams!

It can be very short for some, and I try to make the most out of every single blog post and pour my heart into it – because who knows, it could be my last.

Taking all of you on this journey is so exciting! Yesterday we got some new soil and seeds, and within the next couple weeks, I’ll be working on planning arrangements and graphs and then sowing the seeds we have!

I’ll be taking pictures and sharing them with you, and I invite you to join my private Instagram for exclusive behind the scenes footage and pictures! You can find the link on the social menu at the top of my website.

Happy Monday! Now I’m off to water our small (but growing!) strawberry patch and research some farmy things!

autumn renae 





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