Creating A Coffee Bar {Plus Tips!}

Hey there, darlings!

Are you coffee obsessed? Do you lovvvveee to create that perfect brew each morning?!

I know I do!

In our home, I’m actually the only coffee drinker unless we have friends over or our families!

Nonetheless, though, when we first built our home I knew I needed a great coffee station in our home!

My coffee bar has taken over a few different spots in our home over the last 2 years, but I think I’ve finally got it settled into its final spot.

That actually brings me to the first step in creating a coffee bar!

1. Find Your Coffee Bar Spot

This is the crucial first step in creating your coffee bar – finding a spot!

My coffee bar as moved about twice; it started on our kitchen counter in a corner and later moved to my great-great-grandmothers buffet.

I think coffee bars on your kitchen counter is a cute idea as long as you have the space.

The truth is that I *really* liked my coffee spot on our kitchen counter BUT – it made the rest of our counter space cramped, cluttered and hard to work on!

I’m an avid baker and cook, and even with a large kitchen island at my disposal I still work a lot on our countertops when baking/cooking – so, in other words the coffee bar taking up valuable counter space didn’t stay long!

At first I was at a loss of where to put it, but I quickly searched on Pinterest (definitely a dangerous place for me to be browsing, but sometimes helps me come up with fantastical ideas πŸ˜‰ ) and saw that a lot of ladies were using buffets as their coffee stations/coffee bars!

Ah hah! This was the magic moment I finally had the perfect use for my great-great-grandmothers 1910 buffet!

This was the perfect solution for our home, though there are other options out there I found great too:

  • an old (or modern) tea cart
  • built-in kitchen nook
  • medium size side table
  • modern buffet table

I’m sure there’s other cool ideas to find your “spot” out there, but those are the most popular (and doable!) ones I found!

2. Decide What Brewer You’re Using

For me, this was easy – my husband had recently bought me an awesomely new Kurig 2.0 Brewing System the Christmas before (an upgrade from my Kurig Mini from when I was still in HS, which had gotten a crack on its side causing it to leak!) so I didn’t have to “search” or find my brewing system!

However, after you find your “spot” you’ll need to decide on what system you want to use – you might select a Kurig, a Ninja, a Cappuccino maker, traditional system, or something like a “pour-over” pot/coffeepress/coffeesock.

Whichever you choose will need to be taken into consideration as some of these will take up more space than others – a Kurig will take more room than a coffeepress, for example.

3. Explore Any Accessories You’re Brewer Will Have

For my Kurig, I have a Carafe and it’s system cleaning accessories, but that’s about it!

The only K-Cups I keep are mostly just hot chocolate ones (Swiss Miss, of course!) and a pack of the large Carafe coffee K-Cups used only for the Carafe.

So, honestly, my accessories are very few even though my Kurig system is the new higher-end system they carry.

With things like a pour-over, cold press, Ninja, or a Cappuccino Brewer odds are you’re going to have more accessories or odds and ends to keep organized and accessible!

Most of the deciding factor here is how fancy and in-depth you’ll be making your coffee on a regular day-to-day basis.

Personally, I’m a pretty simple coffee enthusiast and just like having a nice coffee bar!

For others, though, they might be able to spend a good amount of time creating the perfect coffee art or balanced cappuccino brew every morning.

It all depends on you!

4. How Are You Storing Your Coffee/Syrups/Frills

This will also take some space in your coffee bar – either in drawers or on the top of your coffee bar.

Personally I switched from coffee filled K-Cups to an eco-brew reusable K-Cup with optional filters.

This has saved our household a TON of money on my coffee obsession! No more $21 K-Cup boxes of coffee with only 36 K-Cups inside!

Side note – I’m a 2 to 3 cups of coffee person a day, so if you divide that by 36 pods, you’ll see that the $21 box wasn’t even lasting me a month!

Now I buy the same coffee by the bag (ground up) for only $6.75 a bag and it lasts me a little over a month!!!

Talk about giant savings!

I store the bag of coffee in a beautiful white coffee canister on my coffee buffet right next to my Kurig.

For most brewer systems this is probably going to be the way you store your coffee – if you add things like syrups and sugar and such, a good idea might be to find a cute tray and a few chic containers, label them, and fill them with your coffee/sugar/loose tea!

I don’t know a lot about the fancy cappuccino makers, but I would venture a guess that the above idea would work as well πŸ™‚

If you like to ground your own coffee from beans verses already ground coffee (like ya girl), you’ll need to find how your storing or putting your grinder, too!

5. Does Your Spot Have Wall Space?

My coffee bar is actually against a window – the buffet it sits on has a high back, shielding most of the things on the top of it from the sun.

I really like its setup, however it does mean that my bar has zilch wall space behind it!

For me, this didn’t really matter but you might really want a wall behind it for a shelf or cute wall decor – again, that’s all you!

I like our setup because it only gets full sun for maybe two hours and the rest is just ambient lighting around it – it’s beautiful! And for us, it was the perfect spot in our home to put it!

6. How Are Your Storing Your Coffee Cups?!

This is another reason to take wall space (or the lack thereof) into consideration.

A cute idea of you have wall space is to put hooks on the wall behind your coffee bar and display them!

If you’re like me and chose to maybe put it in front of a window or just don’t have wall space available it to A) store a few on a mug tree on the bar/buffet B) store them away in the kitchen cabinets C) use stackable mugs, World Market has adorable sets of these! this also takes up less space than a mug tree D) hang a few of your favorites on a small pot rack used for mugs!

I use B and D, personally, but I think stackable sets are an awesome idea too!

7. Time To Decorate!

This step is by far what I loved most when creating our coffee bar!

It’s soooo easy to get on Pinterest and spend hours drooling over other people’s designs!

I love getting tips and ideas, mostly gathered from Pinterest – I just have to remember to keep the designs for our home authentically us!

Just remember when getting ideas for your coffee bar decor to keep it you – don’t be a carbon copy of someone else!

It’s super easy to just go to HL or T.J. Maxx and create a replica you saw online, but is that really who you are??

To each his own, but I try my hardest to get great ideas while keeping our home warm, inviting, authentic and us … not a cold showroom of a house!

As long as you search your heart and keep your home authentic, you’ll have the most amazing coffee bar you can imagine!

So how was that my friends?! 7 tips on creating an awesome coffee bar!

I wish I had read something like this before I started making our coffee bar a reality – it probably wouldn’t have had to move 3 times!! Haha!

But – luckily for you, I’ve “been there, done that!” and now hopefully you won’t have to make the same mistakes (or be quite as lost!) in creating your perfect coffee bar!

Would you like a tour of our coffee bar?! Leave a comment below if you would! (I promise lots of pictures! πŸ™‚ )

Happy Monday, friends! Enjoy scheming up your perfect coffee bar with a hot cuppa in hand!




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