Book Review: The Nightingale

Hello fellow bookies! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I’m going to be reviewing a book I read a few weeks ago called “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah – stick around and read the review!

So I’m fairly new to book review posts (in fact, this is my first one ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) so just hang in there while I learn how I prefer to write these! There’s a few typical ways bloggers do book reviews and it may take me a few times to figure out which one works for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, let’s get on to this book review!

I had never read a book by Kristin Hannah before I read “The Nightingale”,ย but I’m absolutely in love with her writing style!

Let’s go over the synopsis of this novel, shall we?!





It tells the story of two sisters (Isabelle and Vianne) in France during World War II, and their struggle to survive and resist the German occupation of France. It was inspired by the story of a Belgian woman, Andrรฉe de Jongh, who helped downed Allied pilots to escape Nazi territory.

One night Isabelle finds a downed Allied airman in Paris and brings him to the resistance group. She then devises a plan to transport airmen across the Pyrenees mountains into Spain where they can safely rejoin their military forces. From that point on she becomes the Nightingale and is in grave danger of being captured by the Nazis. She is given the false identity of Juliette Gervaise to protect her family and friends.

From there, Isabelle is a sort of secret service member for the rebellion underground and Vianne deals with the struggles of trust, friendship, German leadership and how to hold on to hope when none is found.ย 

The interesting thing about how this book is written is that it starts by opening with one of the sister’s sons helping her into a nursing home and her reflection on the past and present and current worldly unrest.ย 

My Rating ofย The Nightingale:

9.5 out of 10!ย 


This story intertwines love, trust, hate, and real situations within the time this story is set – it deals with prison, torture of the French people, and depictions of death.

It is, after all, based on a persons life and the terrible times of this particular spot in history!

BUT, while it does take place in this period, it isย not a depressing novel and it does not constantly stay on the terrible things the Germans were doing to the French people.

*NOTE –ย this book does briefly depict a rape scene, however there is not much to it honestly. You just know when it’s happening, but Kristin Hannah keeps it PG rated and leaves out most of the “details” in this scene! Again, this isย real historyย andย real life. This happened to thousands of women when the Germans occupied French towns while the French husbands/boyfriends/brothers/fathers were away captured or fighting.ย 

Age Rating:

I would say (though this is relative) that this book would be okay for ages 16+!

Final Thoughts:

The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannahย is quite possibly my favorite book so far this year! I love when books are inspired by real people in history, and this book was just a riveting read!

I finished this book inย four days!ย The last night I was reading this I stayed up till 4:15 AM just to finish it –ย it was just that good!ย 

Because of the historical subject of this novel, there are happy and sad things that happen – but let’s be honest, while Kristin Hannah kept this book upbeat for the most part, there wasn’t anything pretty about the WW2 German Occupations.

This book contained romance, pure love, hope, joy, longsuffering, pain, hate, hopelessness, family ties and tested friendships – all things we feel today!

It was one of those amazing novels that when I read them, they actually play a movie in my head! Yeah …. thats a #nerdlife thing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I picked up this book at my local library and actually plan to Lord willing read it again in the Fall – I just loved it that much!

Definitely a good read and one I’ll be picking up again!

Happy Reading!

~ Autumn





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