“Hunter” by Mercedes Lackey Mid-Read Notes

Hey there, bookies!

Today I’m going to talk about my first thoughts of a 3-book series by author Mercedes Lackey – it’s kind of like a book review without spoiling the book!

Currently, I’m on chapter 12 of “Hunter” – the first book on this series.

hunter cover

The 1st book is “Hunter“, 2nd is “Elite” and 3rd is “Apex“! So far, I am really enjoying this first book!

What would this book remind you of?

Hmmmmmm. Let me think!

Try mixing Divergent and The Hunger Games together BUT add some Rick Riordan in there from Percy Jackson & The Olympians and you’ll have something rather close (I think) to this series by Mercedes Lackey!

This 3-book series started when “Hunter” came out in 2015 and ended when the third and final book “Apex” came out last year in 2017, with “Elite” having came out in 2016.

So, this whole series came out rather fast (by a writers timeline, anyway) and was started and ended within three years. That’s amazing by reader/writer standards!

Especially amazing because Mercedes Lackey seems to have done very well with each book, even though each book was rough-drafted, drafted, and published very close together!

Now I haven’t read all three books yet and I’m not done with the first, but usually you can tell the quality of the writer in only a few chapters – so I’m not that worried that books 2 and 3 will be busts. (Hopefully!)

Hunter” is, for me, one of those books that are sooooooo good that they play a movie in your head and you don’t even physically remember you’re reading. Is this weird? Maybe .. but it’s just some sort of zen state I can get into if the book is that good!

And “Hunter” is that good!

By chapter 3 there’s a lot that has happened, however Mercedes writes it so well that it flows nicely and doesn’t get all jumbled and confusing, does that make sense?

This world that Mercedes Lackey has created is somewhere in the future – the “Diseray” has happened (sort of like an apocalypse, but not the apocalypse) and there’s both biochemical wars AND monsters that roam the earth. (This is where the Percy Jackson & The Olympians thing kinda comes into play)

However, these monsters are from all sources of monsters – Celtic, Asian, Greek, Roman etc. etc. and special people are born to fight them.

Christians are still on the earth, they are called “Cristers”. The Cristers thought that the nuke missile (nuclear weapon) that landed on some part of the earth (I think Canada? I can’t remember) and the aftereffects were part of the Apocalypse when they would be Raptured to Heaven – except it obviously wasn’t, because no one was Raptured and everyone is still on the earth .(well, everyone not killed by the monsters or killed by the military is still alive) So, they call it “Dies Irae” meaning “Wrath of God” from Latin.

The story revolves around a girl named Joyeaux and her four Hounds, as they fight and protect while learning about and going through love, trust, hate, hurt, joy and death.

It’s honestly one of the most mind blowing novels I’ve read in a very, very long time!

When I first started it, about six chapters in, I was thinking “Why haven’t they made a movie out of this?” And then it dawned on me – this is so amazingly written that I doubt any movie would actually do this book (or the whole series!) justice. I just don’t really think it would!

This book has 24 chapters and I’m currently on the 12th (I just got this book!) and I’m super interested in how this is going to end, especially with two more installments!

I wanted to try my hand at a mid-read notes type blogpost for anyone interested in this series! So far, I’d definitely say to give it a go!

Well, that’s all for now bookies! Happy reading!

~ Autumn



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