Tips For Buying Pre-Loved Converse

Hey Peeps! What’s up!?

How has your week been? Mine has been filled with trying to finish up Hunter, starting the overview of my own novel & just keeping up with life!

Today I thought it’d be fun to go over some tips for buying pre-loved Converse shoes! I mean, have you ever met a book nerd who didn’t one at least one pair of these at some point? Odds are no, and while there may be a few who don’t – I’d like to think that the majority of us do 😉

They’re iconic shoes – good for all weather, appropriate year round, and versatile enough to wear with worn jeans, under a wedding dress/tux, and even with a full on suit!

I guess I came to these fairly late in the game, but I do remember the first time I really noticed this iconic shoe – my family and I were at Dollywood, and in the amusement ride area I noticed another young girl with these light purple lace of shoes.

The back of them read “Converse” – and I remember thinking they were pretty much the coolest thing ever!

However, once we got back home from out trip …. I just never got any. Maybe I forgot, or maybe it was because school started the next week and I was just preoccupied with getting  ready for another year of learning.

Fast forward around 15 years to present time, I’m now an adult. I have my own house. My own beautiful bookshelves. I have two dogs, a cat, and a husband to take care of – and it happened again.

I was on Pinterest just wasting time I should have been spending cleaning the house  since I had nothing else to do at the moment, lounging outside on our patio when I saw them.

This perfectly nerdy, cute as a button outfit. When my eyes reached footwear? A classic pair of white Converse low tops – just perfect.

Thus the fever began – the Converse fever! It’s highly contagious and can last a long time, so be cautious my friend! 😉

Wanna get some tips for buying pre-loved Converse!? Let’s go!

1 – Know The Price Of What You’re Looking For 

The whole reason for buying Converse pre-loved is to save some $$$, so finding some on an app like Poshmark/Vinted/Ebay etc. for $45.00 may not be the biggest bang for your buck!

Know the price of what you’re trying to get before you start shopping!

Typically, I’ll buy pre-loved Converse babies anywhere from $16.00 to $25.00.

Yes – I really have bought authentic, excellent condition Converse for those prices! BUT it takes patience and sometimes a little negotiating to actually score those deals!

The highest I’ve ever paid for pre-loved Converse were $32.00. However, I was buying them off Poshmark and had $16.00 in PoshCredits (you can use these same as cash value on Posh) sooooooo I was actually only paying $16.00 outright 😉

2 – Ask To See The Size Tag 

Because Converse is unisex sizing, this can throw a lot of people off and end up badly when they find the shoes they’ve bought were either too small or too large.

For females specifically, you’re going to need to know what Men’s shoe size you wear before hunting for great deals on Converse!

I wear a Women’s 10 shoe, but an 8 in Men’s. This comes in handy when hunting for pre-loved Converses because that’s how they are sized.

So whenever I find a deal on Converse and see the size tag says M8/W10 I know I’ve found some that will fit me like a glove 🙂

For instance, I saw a pair once for a great deal and it said it was a womens 10 – but upon looking at the size tag it read M10/W12. That’s a womens size 12!!!

That’s why it’s important to know how Converse sizes most of their footwear, what size you wear in unisex sizing & ask to see the size tag as some sellers either aren’t educated in this either and bought the wrong size (thus why their selling!) or just weren’t paying attention when they keyed in the size in the add you found. 🙂

3 – Study The Rubber Sole Band Carefully 

If you’ve worn Converse or even Van’s for any amount of time, you know that eventually the rubber sole starts to gap where it meets the canvas upper – usually around toe area where it flexes when walking.

And if you’ve been a fan of both brands for a while, you know the wonders that some ShoeGoo or 1-minute epoxy can do to make your shoes *almost* good as new again! 🙂

That brings me to this important point, especially important when buying online and only going by the pictures provided – study that area like a hawk in the pictures you’ve been provided!

I’m all for pre-loved items – in good condition! In fact, I only buy pre-loved items in “like new”, “excellent” or “good” condition. Of course this rating system is relative, but you get my drift.

If the Converse you’re looking only have minor gapping in those areas, or it looks like someone has already done an excellent job fixing those areas before selling – than awesome! I’d advise they’re a good buy and to purchase them 🙂

BUT if it looks like they ran a marathon and the gapping is so bad the sole is actually coming off  … I’d move on.

Sure ShoeGoo and epoxy work wonders on Converse as you get good wear from them, but there comes a point when you actually have to ask if the deal is good or bad, and the sole have any more than *minor* gaping is a deal breaker for me!

I’m perfectly fine using some epoxy for light gaping, but to do a *total* revamp? Not for me 🙂

4 – Check The Canvas/Footbed 

This is a pretty important thing to check for when buying used, specifically with Converse or any canvas shoe – the canvas and footbed need to be in good condition in order to be a good deal.

I actually haven’t bought any Converse with hole’s in the canvas exterior, but a friend has. It is *teeny tiny* like a sewing needle hole, and my friend says this makes no huge difference in the canvas … but I’d definitely advise against a Converse deal you find with any larger holes.

It is very hard to fix this issue on your own, and usually requires a cobbler to help when the hole(s) get much bigger – and holes in canvas widen surprisingly fast!

The footbed is another place to look at in the pictures you find online because many time’s these will be damaged, torn, black from wear or just plain gone.

As someone who has foot sensitivities and issues, this is somewhere I just automatically look – but many do not, receive their “deal” and find they aren’t comfortable at all or just don’t walk right!

Sometimes this can be fixed by getting a replaceable footbed, but not all the time.

5 – Take A Gander At The Sole 

Usually lightly used Converse bottom’s will be fine, but it’s still good to check the tread and make sure there’s no chunk of it missing!

Remember that Converse are basketball shoes, after all!

That’s about all my tips for buying pre-loved Converse! If you stay on top of the 5 tips … you’re in for a real treat, and a good deal 😉

Have a great Saturday, bookies!


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