My Social Media Fast/Unplugging

hello, all!

by now if you’ve followed me on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Tumblr – you’ve probably noticed my absence … or, maybe not, haha!

I just wanted to jot down a few of my thoughts & why I decided to take some time off of it for a while.

At the moment, I do have a Facebook account but it’s pretty much inactive. In the past I rarely have actually gone to Facebook and shared everything from Instagram.

First off, I want to say that I don’t begrudge anyone that likes these platforms and is active on them, it’s your life and you can do whatever you want, I’m just sharing personally why I’ve ditched social media for now. (or forever? I’m not too sure yet!)

Social media is a disservice because it makes you take all the complexities of who you are and stuff them into a two-dimensional image that you think represents who you are best – and we’re so much more than that!

I began this process over the course of about 8 months, it wasn’t cold turkey and actually went slower than I expected it to.

First thing to go was Twitter – to be honest, Twitter just wasn’t my thing and something I joined out of peer pressure.

Snapchat/Tumblr was much of the same thing as to why I joined, though I liked Tumblr more than Twitter or Snapchat.

Which leaves Instagram.

Instagram and I have always had a love/hate relationship.

Sometimes I’ve enjoyed taking a *great* photo and then sharing it – but most of the time the app that’s supposed to be a kind of scrapbook app has really gotten impersonal instead.

It’s always bothered me that most people on the Gram aren’t necessarily honest – it’s rare to find a friends Insta that’s actually real life and not perfectly curated photos.

Again – nothing wrong with creating that type of a Gram if you like it, but personally, I’d rather see someone’s real life.

And to do that, I’d rather have an actual face-to-face relationship with the person and spend time with them!

Another thought I had the other day is that Instagram is kinda like a personal scrapbook without actually being a physical copy – it’s kinda weird to me when I think about it.

  1. I’d rather have a physical copy for the future generations to actually see Samuel and I’s life. Something they can hold. And pass down. I just feel like those kind of things last forever and hold so much more true meaning.
  2. It’s actually kinda personal! I’m an outgoing/friend-making type person most of the time, but at the same time, I can be a pretty private person … which ain’t actually a bad thing.
  3. The Gram can be a confidence downer/comparison enforcer. Which is the main things I hate! Not everybody struggles with comparison/confidence, but for those who do it can be a  pretty rough app to be on day in and day out. I know this because I am one of those people!


I also don’t like putting people in boxes, or making an actual living breathing person a one dimensional photo to judge, like, not like, comment on. It’s just something that’s always bothered me a little bit … and other people I know.

I’d rather have actual friends who call and email instead of people who really don’t care and just want to lurk and watch my life – if you care about me, you’ll actually want to see me and spend time with me or at least call/email me and vice versa!

In other words – we don’t have to “market” ourselves like things are marketed to us. 

I mean marketing ourselves to other humans for “likes”?! Come on! Ugh.

In order to live a fulfilling life, you shouldn’t live for other people, other peoples ideas/beliefs or constantly focus on what other people are doing …. it doesn’t get you anywhere and it’s not healthy, either.

I mean honestly – what if Instagram was hacked and all you’re pictures were just *poof!* gone and unrecoverable!?

All those memories stolen form you – AND the future generation!

You couldn’t show them to your kids, or your grandchildren, or your best friend.

Because you put everything – your whole life – on Instagram/(insert other platform here) and not in a photo album or scrapbook, the memories would just be gone. You couldn’t look back on that beach trip when your little was 2, or show them their 16th birthday in a photograph.

How sad.

Now I’m not saying every person is like that – but I’d say over 75% of people are because of studies done 2013-2018 that I’ve read throughout the years.

I mean what’s wrong with enjoying life without having to share it to God and everybody and then get offended because you didn’t receive the amount of “likes” on a friggin personal memory of yours!?

That memory then looses that special place it had in your heart.

And if you think I’m weird for being 22 and feeling this way, what if I told you I have 4 friends under 18 that feel the same way and have either ditched social media for tangible relationships or never had one at all, by choice??

It’s true!

For some people, social media is fun and relaxing. For some, it’s their job. And for some, it just induces anxiety/depression/comparison/backbiting/dread/non-tangible relationships.

Whichever you are, hey, that’s you!

But I personally belong on the third group of people who just want to enjoy life with real friends and not be represented in a little box of squares …. while keeping photos that I can look back on and share with my future kids/grandkids no matter what happens to Instagram or Facebook 🙂

So I just wanted to share why I made this decision to cut back, and also my reasons behind it in case someone else out there has been thinking the same things as I have!

I do plan on blogging from time to time, so do check posts out if I read a good book or want to share a trip we took, it’ll be here on the blog!

If you would like to keep up with Samuel and I as we live life and grow as a family my personal email is 🙂

Hope to hear from some of you, have a blessed day!





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