a sunday potluck

hi friends!

sunday we found ourselves at a potluck after church – I absolutely love these get togethers!

a dear lady from our church invites my husbands family (my husbands father is the pastor), my family and a few other dear members from church to bring dishes to her home every other month or so.

it’s such a beautiful time & something i wish more people did!

some eat inside, but some choose to sit under the beautiful shade trees near the picnic tables.

i like potlucks because it’s a time of fellowship, laughter, {mostly} homemade food πŸ˜‰ and wonderful southern made tea!

our gracious host also recently got some new baby chickens! i was able to get a good photo of the little ones, too!

i really love chickens and hope to get some of my own soon! we had them when i was younger but a raccoon got into the pen.

the food was amazing, too!

usually a lot of different people bring food, but this time it was mostly just our hosts homemade goodies! she’s a wonderful cook πŸ˜‰

this was a smaller gathering than the last, we had a wonderful time talking with some of our friends and family!

of course i also had to hold hands with my dear love, who was thankfully able to be off and be at church and the gathering!

later that evening our church had Singspiration Night!

it’s a night where anyone who wants to can pick 1-2 worship songs and sing!! it’s so fun πŸ™‚

well, I just wanted to share a beautiful sunday potluck/weekend with you guys!


autumn renae


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