3 Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas + Tips!

Hello Ya’ll!

cannot believe I’m writing this post! As I write this, we’re all literally down to one week before Thanksgiving Day 2018!!!


Because of that, I thought I’d share 3 very different Thanksgiving Day looks – one for the casual yet chic gal, the trendy gal, and one more “dressy” look for a formal(ish) Thanksgiving affair!

I’ll also be sharing a few of my favorite tips when it comes to Thanksgiving day, ones I’ve used for a few years and ones that really work!

Are you ready?! Lets go!

1. the casually chic gal

I guess you could say this outfit was inspired by me – when given the option, I’d say I’m more comfortable in this style of outfit!

It’s comfortable, it’s casual, but throw in a nice pair of boots + some chic detailing for a top and you’ve got a look that’ll work at your folks home and seeing those family members you don’t really see a lot (who you still want to make a good impression on!) and you’re set!

A classic example of this would be like this outfit I put together – a pair of dark wash slim jeans, a silky (or lace) camisole, an oversized cardigan, a good pair of leather riding boots + a smart (yet casual) bag!

You could add a few pieces of jewelry, too, as you like it – I’m just more of a fan of pearl earrings + a locket. But you do you, girl!

2. the trendsetter 

You know who I’m talking about – that girl you know who is always impeccably on point all the while making her poise and style seemingly effortless! (insert eye roll here)

Lol! Just kidding! No eye rolls needed – but still, how do they make it look so effortless!?

Anyways – this gal has it going on. All the time. 24/7. So why should Thanksgiving be any different!?

To be honest – I’m pretty sure I went through this phase in late HS, but tbh I quickly grew tired of being “on” all the time! There’s nothing wrong with looking nice 24/7, at all, but between the two looks, I find “casually chic” lot easier to pull off!

3. the Thanksgiving bash

This outfit is for the gal who finds herself in a really swanky place for Thanksgiving – maybe she’s on holiday, maybe she’s at a showing or maybe she’s about to get popped the question and so everybody ramped up this years Thanksgiving celebration!

Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever dressed this extra for Thanksgiving, but I do think there’s occasions or reasons somebody might – and that’s why I added this look!

my top Thanksgiving Day tips + tricks …………..

Now that we’ve gone over 3 looks to get you ready for any type of Thanksgiving gathering – let me share my best tips + tricks I’ve learned!

Some of these are pretty recent ones I’ve come to live by and some are older, all of them fit into the Southern lifestyle us Southern Gals live by (aka it being 80 degrees on Thanksgiving …. been there, done that!) and all are easy to adopt into your own little “tips + tricks” book!

1. stretchy bottoms are a must.

Unless your outfit needs to be the third style I mentioned above, pant’s are gonna be the comfiest way to go. And not just any pants – thinks leggings, jeggings, or some super stretchy (yet form retaining) jeans!

Honestly, this is my #1 go to for holidays because there is nothing worse than getting through only half your meal until you feel it – your waistband getting restricting, then getting tighter, and then before you know it you’re completely miserable the rest of the day!

And no – it doesn’t matter if you’re a size 0 or a size 20. The food baby happens. It just happens!

Personally I really like jeggings for this type of outfit, and yes I’m aware of the jegging haters but honestly – if you find a good pair, they will retain their shape and last for a very long time! I promise.

2. go for neutral + natural makeup

I love makeup. I love my time in the morning putting on makeup (even though my skill level still reminds me I’m no professional!) and I love looking great and ready for the day for most any event, meeting, or person I could stumble into.

BUT – unless you’re just Jaclyn Hill or something, I find that simple + neutral looks work really well for holiday gatherings!

They’re faster to put together, less hassle to keep “fresh” looking throughout the long day (and maybe car ride, if you have to travel) plus you’ll feel a lot less like a melting icky candle at the end of the day!!!

Obviously it’s your face and therefore whatever you feel like you want to do, but personally I prefer to keep it lighter and more manageable for a long day that’s bound to have me in a hot kitchen for periods of time, too! (thus the melting candle scenario!)

3. dress in layers …. southern gals get this one! 

Ah, the South. A place for southern belles, sweet romances, beautiful springs & honeysuckle sweet accents!

Unfortunately, it’s also the area on the map where it could be 80+ degrees Thanksgiving Day and 75+ on Christmas!! But have no fears, ladies, cause this is where dressing in layers comes in!

This is an easy-to-do tip that only requires a little planning the day before, and believe me – it’s worth it.

It means that as you go through your day, you have a better chance at staying comfortable instead of being miserably hot or cold!

Think camisoles + cardigans, light sweaters + overcoats or tee shirts and trendy vests – whichever layered look you choose, you’ll be glad you did!

Usually southern gals already have this art honed and in tune with their personal style, but transplants to the South can sometimes struggle with this – I suggest Pinterest for look books and maybe following a Southern fashion blogger or Instagram figure to follow to pick up more tips + tricks!

4. pack some extras in your bag

This tip is great if you’re having to travel for the holidays, and works best if they’re in a little case and the items are mini or travel sized!

You don’t have to take a lot, but there are a few things that could be useful for you to use while you’re away from home! Below, I’ll share things that I always bring to help you get started and then maybe you can add a few items you use as well!

  • mini deodorant
  • mini dry shampoo
  • mini hairbrush
  • nail clippers with attached file
  • breath strips
  • Tide Top Go pen (especially useful for holidays!)
  • slim spray perfume/body mist
  • mini lotion (non scented)
  • oil blotting paper pack

5. also pack a few makeup items to keep your face fresh! 

For me, this looks like the items below.

  • mascara tube
  • small fluffy brush
  • setting powder
  • a compact mirror
  • lip tint/long lasting neutral liquid lipstick
  • and some regular chapstick

Basically, just the bare minimum to keep your face looking fresh to last you till the end of the day, or until it’s time to take those yearly family photos!

6. choose a worry-free hairstyle 

Kind of like the makeup look, I find it easier and less stressful during a holiday gathering when my hair just kinda fends for itself!

Maybe a quick curl in the morning, or a cute ponytail twist – or just a classic side part! Just something nice that doesn’t require tons of hairspray or teasing or lots of time to keep nice looking!

So there you go y’all! Three very different looks + some very useful tips!

I hope this has helped some of you with ideas and that you’ll be able to use a few (or all!) of the tips!

Please leave a comment below with some of your top tips for holidays!




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