“Anne with an E” // Review

Hi Y’all!

I wanted to pop in an do a personal review of the 2017 adaptation of the beloved “Anne of Green Gables” movies!

“Anne with an E” is on Netflix and produced by CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

I started Season 1 about a week ago while folding laundry for some entertainment (because laundry isn’t my favorite thing!) and …. I wasn’t disappointed!

One thing I do think is important to remember about this newer adaptation is just that – its a new adaptation!

It’s not going to have our beloved original Gilbert Blythe, it’s not going to have the original Anne, and it’s not going to be a scene-by-scene carbon copy!

Something I really loved about the 2017 adaptation is that it is so beautifully filmed!

I absolutely love all the little details they include …. from the aesthetics to the amazing period-perfect wardrobes!

While it does take the heart a few episodes to get used to the new faces playing our beloved original actors and actresses, I really think the director did a good job of picking these new faces!

The young lady who plays Anne is a fantastic fit for this role and portrays the quirky, outlandish and (at times!) despairing character of Anne.

While the show includes some of the bigger, more notable moments of the 1972 movie it also adds its own memorable and heartwarming moments and a few twists as well!

Personally, I liked this about the 2017 version and thought it was appropriate.

The soundtrack is beautifully done as well, and again I’m struck in awe by how gorgeously it was filmed!

My one and only gripe, if I had to choose something, would be the theme song for the opening.

It doesn’t necessarily make sense to me, as it’s the only “modern” aspect to the series even though the lyrics certainly portray Anne as a character!

But, for me, that’s really the only thing I dislike about the 2017 Netflix series!

So far I’ve heard no language and seen no inappropriate scenes for younger children … while I’m only on Season 1, I don’t see this changing at the moment.

If you’ve been debating weather to give this new Anne of Green Gables series a watch, I’d say go for it!

While it’s not a carbon copy of the 1972 movie, for me it gives just enough of the more notable scenes/iconic lines of the older one to pay tribute to it that I don’t mind some of the fresh scenes and storyline twists.

If you haven’t seen the 1972 version, I would recommend that you watch that at some point!

While this new series is a fun, somewhat nostalgic watch, there’s still nothing like the beloved 1972 classic! (isn’t that right, my kindred spirits?!) 😉

So there you go, friends!

All my accolades (and one small gripe!) of the 2017 “Anne with an E” Netflix series review!

~ Autumn Renae


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