Being Christian in College

Hey y’all!

Just wanted to pop in here and do this post which I hope will help inspire, encourage and embolden you to live out your faith everywhere – including your college campus!

Living out your faith in Jesus is an everyday battle, but it is so so so so so worth it.

The first day I stepped foot on my college campus, that inner spiritual battle grew harder and I immediately knew that this was going to be a season of spiritual growth for me.

I’m 23, married, and had been out of school for about 5 years when I went back to my current college – and the fact that I knew this was going to be difficult for me at 23 and married made me realize just how hard this could potentially be for an 18/19 year old fresh out of high school and (probably) on their own for the first time.

For many of my readers, this is also your first opportunity to spread your wings and fly – you probably live away from home and on a college campus (and even if you don’t, it’s still going to be challenging!), you probably are working and learning how to balance a checkbook and (hopefully!) a savings account and you probably have found yourself surrounded by new acquaintances, alcohol, drugs and sex.

I’m not here to tell you if you should or shouldn’t have “________” or “_________” as friends, if you should or shouldn’t drink or even if you should pursue a romantic relationship because thats between you and God alone, and are your own personal convictions ….. but I am going to give you my personal advice and tell you how to spiritually thrive on a college campus!

Are you ready!? Lets get to it!


1. Bring your Bible 

This is such an important point and its’ #1 for a reason – God’s Word is your answer to everything under the sun written for you – it’s like a love and instructional letter to you from God all wrapped into one!

I don’t care if this is a physical Bible or an app like YouVersion on your phone, I don’t even care if you read it several times a day or are just starting to make this a habit (hopefully you are reading it everyday!) the big point is to have it with you on campus at all times!

Need an answer on if you should be friends with her or him? It’s in there!

Want to know if you should accept an invitation to that party Saturday night? That’s in there too!

Wondering if that cute guy would make a good boyfriend? Honey – that advice is in there too!

The Bible is an invaluable resource for getting through life everyday and fighting the never-ending spiritual battle that persists! It doesn’t matter if your in high school, college, or working that 9-5 in your cute little cubicle – the Bible is an open love letter and instructional resource for you.


2. Find likeminded Christians by acting like your the Child of the King 

Odds are you’ll find your like-minded tribe by publicly acting like a child of Christ, and everything will fall into place.

People who are looking for other like-minded friends often watch how someone acts, talks, dresses, respects themselves and acts like they have some sense!

No one is perfect 24/7. We all sin, and we’re all learning day by day how to be the best child of Christ we can be – my point is to visibly act like His child and other Christians will notice.

We all know that saying – you can’t be an eagle flying with turkeys – in other words, you act like who you hang around!

At the same time be aware that not every Christian and you are going to have the same opinions, comments or views. Christianity is diverse and falls under a lot of different doctrines and denominations!

For myself, I look for other Christians who believe in the same “foundations” that I personally believe in – 1. That Jesus is real 2. That He died on a cross & resurrected and then 3. That the way to Heaven is by repenting of your sins through Christ alone.

Everything else to me is non-foundational and is either dictated by a persons denominational set rules or personal convictions through Jesus, and really none of my business when it gets to that point unless a friend and I just want to casually converse on these things! 🙂

*NOTE* This does not mean don’t be friends with people who may not be just like you, nor does this mean to treat people who are not Christians beneath your or to be disrespectful! It’s made quite clear that Christians are to love people like Christ, and this means respecting and treating others like Christ would, regardless of who they are! We are not supposed to be “holier than thou” brats with our noses up in the air giving someone the stink eye because “we don’t agree with them” or “look how they’re dressed”. There is a large difference between Christianity and hypocrisy!


3. Find a Christian club on campus

Some campuses may not have this but I believe a lot of you will probably find one!

Christian clubs or organizations on campus are a great way to get to know fellow Believers on campus and can also be a really good support system for you as you navigate college life and your first step into adulthood and (probably) learning to fly solo.

Do note that sometimes these will be held by certain denominations and some won’t, for example – one may be a Catholic campus club, and another may be for anyone who follows Jesus regardless of denomination.

Do your homework and learn a little about whatever Christian clubs are available on your campus first before just deciding to join one!


4. Fill your ears with truth 

I have K-Love or a Christian playlist on my phone going nearly 24/7.

The truth is that people are highly influenced by what we hear, and something that has helped me in college is to listen to Christ-centered music!

I’d be lying if I said all I ever listened to was this genre, but it’s close to 95% what I listen to – I’d rather listen to this than sad pop songs, or even country songs where it’s about how many times someone can cheat! 🙂

If you’re a new Christian, the good thing about Christian music is that it’s available in a ton of different genres now and able to reach billions of people while helping them fill their ears with the Truth and bless their day! So if you’re new to the Faith don’t worry – I can guarantee you that you’ll be able to connect with at least one artist out there!


5. Attend church as much as you can 

If you’ve moved away from home and need to find a new church home, get on this pretty quickly when you arrive on campus!

If you are attending a college close by, check to see if that campus has an on-site church you would like to visit or find one that God is calling you to and attend regularly!

Your college years are hard for a lot of different reasons – having a family of believers who you can be vulnerable with and grow in Christ with is crucial to your walk with God.

I would caution you against using Livestream or YouTube services too often! Skipping out on the face-to-face relationships that God’s children are called to have is going to harm you more than help you!

On the very sparse days I simply cannot make it, however, I do still have my worship time and absolutely love Steven Furtick of Elevation Church! He has a YouTube channel and I’ll just grab my Bible, a pen and a notebook and treat it like a usual Sunday.

He also has a iTunes podcast that I listen to every week on my longish car rides to and from school and it’s helped me a lot to have constant Biblical teaching!

So definitely find a group of Believers to worship with and remember that it’s probably a lot more beneficial for you spiritually to actually have face to face communion with other brother and sisters in Christ!


I hope that someone out there has been helped by this blogpost!

College is (hopefully!) a goof chapter in your life, but it’s super crucial to stay active in your Faith life probably more than ever – especially with a whole new world opened up to you with lots of different beliefs, opinions, people and places!

If you enjoyed this blogpost, please feel free to comment below, just remember to keep it respectful and positive 🙂


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