easy ways to be mindful

hello loves,

today is a different type of post –  one about inviting mindfulness into your life in an effortless, easy way that seems natural and not somehow “forced”!

when I first began striving to live a life less focused on material things and one that was much more organic and authentic to me, I noticed I felt a lot happier.

I felt carefree, confident and even closer to how God made me.

here are a few tips for you to think about incorporating into your days!


1) be present 

if you find yourself out with friends or even take yourself to a coffeeshop, or even at home during an evening with you love – be present.

the little squares of other peoples lives, the news, the facebook posts, and the persistent inbox of your emails can take a backseat for an hour!

enjoy these moments that you’ll never get back with your family and friends, enjoy just being wherever you happen to be and live!

being glued to your phone is not living, and Jesus gave us this life to actually live and be a light unto the world – we cannot do this vital step glued into the little fantasy worlds on our cellular devices.


2) practice gratitude 

I can’t stress this enough! being filled with genuine gratitude from day to day is life changing and life giving.

waking up in the morning with a prayer of gratitude is a great way to start your day, and as you notice little things throughout the day practice being mindful and content.

For we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. 1 Tim. 6:7-8

be grateful for every little single thing in life – because we all have immeasurable things to be grateful for, even when things in our life don’t quite go as planned!


3) start the morning mindfully 

an app I really enjoy using is called “the five minute journal” and you can even buy a hard copy of this, however I have the app version – its great and such a blessing for me from day to day! (*this is not a sponsored post)

aside from this, waking up and saying a prayer of gratitude followed by a quick devotional is an amazing way to start the morning and with this you get your quiet time before venturing into the chaotic world we live in.

a tip for a mindful morning is to also not reach for your phone straight away – I usually try to not look on my phone or text/email for at least 30 minutes (usually more on the weekends) just to make sure I’m electronic free for the most part and I can just enjoy time with my husband/our dogs/some coffee!


4) have less stuff 

this is a harder one but in a way it’s also easy – materialism has saturated our lives in this present time and everyone is trying to have the newest, the greatest, the most stuff.

but that isn’t what life is about!

learning to live with less, learning to have less clothing or makeup or “stuff” in general has been one of the greatest balms for my soul and eased my anxiety and depression so much.

now I will say for most people I know personally this is a process and it will probably take you a little time – but once you reach the material limit that works for you, you’ll never go back!


5) be mindful of what life is about 

this has kinda been strewn all throughout this post, but remembering what life is really about is vital to living mindfully!

remember that life is about our relationship with Jesus and service to Him, our own little families and husbands/significant others, our family and friends, our places of worship, memories, feelings, thoughts, emotions and our daily lives.

if you look for peace, value or happiness in things – you’re going to be miserable every day of our considerably short lives and never find solace.

mindfulness is a lifestyle, not some new fad idea or thought. it’s something you have to practice everyday and might even take a little effort at first, but once you truly start living a life of mindfulness I promise you will never go back!


wherever you are, whenever you read this, take a moment and be mindful.

breathe in. breathe out.

look around you and just be for a minute.

think of all you are grateful for, be joyful in the mundane.

make mindfulness a daily part of your life // live mindfully



Autumn Renae


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just a 20 something art student with an old soul

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