seeking christ in the midst of anxiety

this past saturday started like any other.

i woke up.

i did my normal skincare, did my hair, and got dressed.

i had my daily devotions … but honestly, i kinda rushed through them.

i had this day alllllll planned out for about a week. and i was excited.

but then that familiar sinking emotion hit me like a ton of bricks, and the rest is history.

if you’ve ever had an anxiety attack, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

as a follower of Christ, i feel like most people have different views about anxiety than i do.

usually, people who don’t understand anxiety wonder how a Christian can even have anxiety.

they think that a Christian who has anxiety is “broken” or “not focusing on Christ enough”.

i’m here to tell you that is not at all true!

the truth is that anyone can have anxiety – even if you are a follower of Christ.

Christians are still human – with emotions, problems, and brokenness.

even the person you deem as a “super-Christian”, whoever that may be, has bad days!

but being a Christian means that you can lean on Jesus.

it means you have a safe place to be vulnerable.

to be perfectly imperfect and broken.

it means you can be transparent with the Father in harmony.

and that is so beautiful.

whenever anxiety creeps into my day, i pray.

i pray a lot. for a considerable amount of time.

then, i usually read some Psalms and Proverbs.

if i can, i sit outside and think about all my blessings.

i am not someone who talks to other humans during times of anxiety because i am wholly focused on Christ.

and i like it this way.

my husband can tell you – i usually fade into the background to do the above things and my focus won’t shift for hours.

anxiety has gotten better and worse in waves in my life. it’s a constant battle i face most days and i view it as a direct attack from the Enemy.

that’s why i have to focus on Christ completely.

that’s why i follow the above steps to conquer it.

and i do all this in the safety, security & gentleness of the Father.

so i urge you – if you are a follower of Christ and struggle with anxiety to go directly to Him – you are not alone.

find peace in Him.

~ Autumn

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just a 20 something young woman with an old soul + a heart after Jesus

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