quiet tasks to embrace during quarantine

Hi! This is going to be a super fun post!

For many during this time of quarantine and #stayathome, it’s a time of forced slow living and quiet days.

Personally, my days haven’t changed too much … living in the countryside and being a homesteader, I’m a natural homebody and thrive off of quiet living!

But I understand that for many the hustle and bustle is what keeps them thriving and happy, so I’ve created this list of quiet tasks to do to help keep you happier and more content during this time of quiet.

I hope these help and that you find a few to do and incorporate during your week!


1. an hour of quiet time in the morning 

If you’re used to getting up and hurriedly getting ready and running out the door in the morning, these mornings are probably pretty different for you!

My morning ritual is a quiet one, and it’s probably my favorite time of day.

I simply refrain from social media for the first hour I’m awake (and try to refrain from texting unless it’s urgent!) and take this time to have a simple breakfast, a cup of hot coffee/tea, and about 30-40 minutes in Gods Word with a devotional and some prayer!

We have an outdoor patio set and more often than not that’s where my first hour is spent, but if you don’t have a patio set – sitting on your back porch steps works just as well 🙂

Hearing the birds, listening to the breeze, and just being present with Jesus has helped so much for my personal battle with anxiety and I know a lot of people are anxious right now.

It may not seem like this step would make a big difference, but I promise you it really does! Having an hour of phone-free time whilst enjoying a simple breakfast and a hot drink of choice works wonders, and giving this first hour over to the Lord has been a major game changer in my life!

This starts my day on a good note and gives me some time to just focus on Jesus before whatever happens during my day, I can’t recommend this enough!


2. sewing  

With more time on your hands, this is an excellent time to start learning to sew or sewing again if you’ve taken a break!

Sewing is a lost art that has recently gotten more attention and this is important – because sewing honestly is a necessary life skill to know.

Do you have clothes with rips or holes that need fixing? Pants that are too long and need hemming? Now is the perfect time to get these items off your to-do list before you start wearing them out again 🙂

Personally, I have pants to hem and some tops to be fitted myself!

For those who don’t know, I ran a small design and tailoring shop from 11th grade up until my second year of marriage! I took sewing classes all through my middle and high school years and then took more serious classes later on. (I should note I still do have my shop logo and official business papers – so the shop isn’t fully closed but more “paused” as I work on new ventures! However, I do intend to reopen my shop in the future.)

If you have never sewn before but think you might want to learn, YouTube is full of excellent sewists and you do not need a super expensive machine to start!

Simple “first” projects could be sewing a pillowcase set, placemats, a simple tote bag, or a sleeveless blouse! All fun, usable and simple projects 🙂


3. afternoon tea (or coffee)

This is a quiet activity I started last year but have grown to love and look forward to every day!

If you know me personally, you know I adore hot tea! I have close to 30 types in our house and also grow my own German chamomile and process it by hand myself … it tastes so good and is super rewarding 🙂

Every day about 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm is my “tea time” – I grab a tea bag and steep a pot the old fashioned way and wait for it to whistle, and then pour and enjoy!

Sometimes I’ll switch to an iced coffee that I taught myself to make at home, I do this especially during busier days when I feel low on energy and need that extra little afternoon boost.

Whether you have an afternoon cup of tea or iced (or hot) coffee I definitely recommend that you put some time aside to enjoy a cup of your choice for 30ish minutes in your afternoon!

It’s a good time to reflect on your day, think of all that you are grateful for and just relax some in your favorite nook in your house, outside in a chair, or even at your kitchen table. (I find it best to have this time phone-free as well, less distractions works best for this afternoon refresh!)


4. evening (or morning) walks 

Now, this one may be tricky if you live in a super busy city or an apartment – but going for some short walks a few times a week not only is a good form of exercise, it’s also just a good stress reliever!

As we live in the country, I like to walk woodland paths around a creek or just around our barnyard.

I prefer evening walks just before dusk because I love the sky in the evening! It’s also a cooler time of day which I prefer as well!


5. crafting + hobbies 

I have crafting and sewing apart simply because while sewing is a necessary life skill to me personally, hobbies are simply for pleasure and interests in most cases!

Crafting isn’t just for women, either, but also for the man in your life too!

For example – my husband has a hobby of turning special coins into rings and my dad enjoys wildlife photography and processing them.

My list of hobbies seems to be endless 😉

I like to paper craft, scrapbook, crochet, knit, take photographs, read, write poetry, paint and much more!

Its a good time to either take up a new craft or maybe bring out an old project you never finished and get it done 🙂


And there we have it, five things to bring back during this time of social distancing and isolation!

I pray all my readers are staying healthy and safe – you are in my prayers.

While this is a difficult time for us all lets remember that we are blessed, God is good, and that we need to practice extra kindness to others especially during this time as anxiety and stress may try to change our attitudes for the worst!

~ Autumn



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