sharing my capsule wardrobe for may!

Hello lovelies!

Today I thought I would share my May capsule wardrobe – which hasn’t changed much from March or April! (which I did not share on the blog.)

I tend to keep the same pieces for a very long time and love being able to just throw together a good casual chic outfit in a snap! It takes the guesswork out of my morning and also means I have less laundry since I keep few items in my capsules.

What I do not count in my capsule wardrobe is athletic clothing, homestead work clothes and lounge/sleepwear.

Some people do this, but right now as I ease into capsule wardrobes (again), I just want to focus on my “main” everyday clothing!

Right now, my capsule is at 28 items counting clothing and footwear – which is great for an ex clothing hoarder like me.

The amount of clothing I used to have is just so crazy to me – especially since with so many pieces, I still only wore around 20ish of them in any given season!

I didn’t understand what my personal style was, what colors I looked best in, what fit of clothing I liked or how to create outfits that I felt were comfortable.

In high school it became very apparent that my “style” was casual chic – more elevated than streetwear but not completely preppy either.

I was in that easy middle spot back then – and I still am!

That has never changed and so you’ll see that the majority of all my capsule items are very casual chic and nothing is too fancy, but nothing is too “lounge-y” either.

I’m not a big fan of regular tee shirts, sneakers, tank tops, flip flops or athleisure … I don’t have anything against any of those things, I’ve just learned I don’t care for them on me!

So I have a lot of casual blouses, sandals, denim capris/dark jeans, slip on shoes, neutral cardigans and a black shell in my capsule. 🙂

There’s something about being a bit more elevated than streetwear that really makes me confident and feeling like I’m going to be more appropriately dressed no matter what my day holds or who I may run into on any given day!

Looking polished and more on the conservative side of dress to me is about self respect and conveys a dignity that I don’t think many people put out there anymore.

I really like effortless, Parisian vibes and darker, neutral colors ….. this didn’t pop out to me until the middle of last year, but I will say it is a lot easier to put outfits together without a ton of patterns and loud colors!

Some people pull off busy patterns and louder colors off very well – but I have come to the conclusion that is not me! Plus, darker neutral colors are better for year round wear and this helps me save a lot of money too which matters because whatever I don’t thrift, I shop by the saying “quality over quantity” …. so colors being able to go together and the additional help of being able to layer it year round is a big deal to me.

Lets start with blouses!

I have 12 blouses for the month of May. When I started my Spring capsule in March, I only had 8 blouses that I included – but since then I added two new patterns and two new dark neutral colors!

For some with capsule wardrobes of their own, this may seem like a lot of blouses.

However, (even though I keep my capsules under 45 items personally) I do quite a lot of housework and outside gardening that I wear my more casual blouses for – and after those projects I usually change into a new one due to sweat, mud, etc!

My separate “homestead work” clothing I wear for things besides basic gardening and light yard work, so other than that I’m wearing some of these blouses as I do lighter work around the house and gardens – it keeps me feeling confident, chic and nicer than just ratty tee shirts and sweatpants.

If you wear those to clean – you do you! There is nothing wrong with that, at all!

I’m just a casual chic gal at heart, and happiest when wearing the style I love most 🙂

For bottoms, I kept it at a count of 8.

I have two dark pairs of jeans, two lighter pair of jeans (one has embroidery, one has the distressed look), a light denim capri, two pairs of dark denim capri jeggings and black slim pants that I keep year round for more formal occasions, a funeral, or for a more dressy church look!

I don’t count my homestead work pants into this number because I never wear those pants out and about or even at home unless I’m doing gritty, dirtier work.

Let’s talk outerwear!

Obviously it’s now late-ish Springtime, but I still included a few pieces because there is still the occasional nippy morning or chilly evening!

I have a soft black long sleeve cardigan, a brushed grey 3/4 sleeve cardigan and an olive, woven cardigan that ties at the low waist and is much lighter than the other two.

As we head into middle and late May, the only one that will remain is the olive cardigan because it’s a perfect late spring/early summer weight!


I have always had a lot of shoes from year to year.

For me shoes are hard –  I have a pronated ankle, one foot is a half size bigger (haha!) and I also have a larger size that is hard to find!

Because of that, I usually go for the “quality over quantity” in shoes especially because I tend to have my shoes for a very long time since finding shoes that actually work for me is hard to begin with.

But for May, I pulled 5 pairs out and I’m going to stick to them!

I like this number because I’m able to keep a fairly dressy pair for church/special occasions, a pair that is neutral and slip-on for weekends or sporty looks, and three “everyday” type sandals.

Handbags + Accessories 

This department is rather simple for May.

I have two handbags I go for depending on which one I think looks best with an outfit!

This may seem like a lot of effort, but it truly isn’t! They are empty besides a pair of contacts so all I have too do is throw my wallet/keys in one and I usually also slip my glasses/case in as well.

Super fast!

I’m always minimal with other accessories …. I kept the minimal pieces of jewelry I always wear (pearl stud earrings, diamond/cz studs, and a simple pendant necklace) and added a few velvet scrunchies, silk hair scarves and a spring hat into the mix for this May capsule.


All in all I feel like this particular capsule wardrobe is my best yet! The concept of a capsule was new to me last year and I highly recommend you look into researching this topic and trying one yourself!

They really help focus on your style and preferences, can help you save money and make choosing your outfits in the morning and laundry so much easier. (I’ll try anything to help make the laundry pile easier to deal with …. 🙂 )

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Are you going to try one for a month this summer? Let me know!

~ Autumn

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