mindful, constructive tasks to do at home (non-electronic)

Hello, loves!

Today I wanted to share a quick list of things I have put together that are not electronically driven – but rather slow, simple things that boost creativity, memories, wellbeing or thoughtfulness.

It is so easy to mindlessly scroll through our phones, laptops or tablets only to find most of the day gone by the time we look up … without a single shred of meaning, mindfulness or accomplishment after!

While I am not against electronics (you are reading this blogpost because of it, afterall)  I do think they have been placed on a high pedestal they do not deserve and can easily steal memories and captivate lives in this age of mindless consumption.

Here is a list of mindful, constructive tasks for days at home …..

  • praying
  • gardening
  • sitting outside + basking in the sun (with spf, of course!)
  • writing a letter to someone (and sending it to them)
  • having a cup of tea
  • sewing/mending
  • writing a poem
  • taking a walk outside
  • reading a good book
  • drawing/painting
  • creating a scrapbook (a prom, birthday, wedding, pet, early life, travels, etc)
  • looking at old, beloved photographs
  • harvesting wildflowers + arranging them
  • painting your nails
  • journaling
  • baking a pie or pastry (to enjoy later, or to give)
  • working out
  • writing down your blessings
  • taking a bike ride
  • doing a natural face mask (such as honey, etc)


Do you have any mindful, slow constructive things you like to do without an electronic device?

Share them in the comments below!


~ Autumn

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just a 20 something young woman with an old soul + a heart after Jesus

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