the quiet beauty of falltime

hi there!

is it really almost the end of October!?

wow. just wow.

i know that 2020 has been a difficult year for many people, it has been difficult for my husband and i and even immediate family members and close friends.

but i’m writing this blogpost in deep appreciation and childlike wonder over the beauty of falltime – and also with a few words of encouragment.

let’s not write off the little time left of this year as already trashed and tainted, as many people have.

there is still beauty around us if we will just take the time to seek it out!

our attitudes and outlook on life do not have to depend on the circumstances around us, its a choice we make on how we act.

it’s a choice how we conduct ourselves, our attitude and outlook on life.

props to my husband, as he is the one who has that as his life motto! he lives that motto out daily and in turn is such an inspiration to me.

take a walk outside.

sip some coffee on your steps and just relax.

get off of social media for a day, a week, or a month.

work on your close relationships and don’t take those special people for granted.

rid yourself of people you are in contact with that hold you back from what Jesus has for you.

fall is a time of quiet, of the falling away, of stillness. we can learn to live within the seasons and thrive, and fall is a beautiful time to learn this way of life!

my namesake is fall (Autumn) and so i’m very attached to this time of year.

it is in fall that trees shed their leaves to survive the coming winter, the leaves are no longer doing thier biological job and so they are shed by the trees – and we can do the same!

obviously we are not trees, but the essence of fall is an important life lesson that everyone needs to take into consideration.

what are you holding onto that is killing you physically or spiritually? what do you need to gracefully and quietly let go? what will help you survive the winter and prepare you for a season of growth and renewal?

is there anything you need to quiet down in your life? something that is loud and obnoxious, causing peace to evade you? learn to quiet yourself, your lifestyle and your mind.

in what ways do you need to still your life? fall is also a time of stillness, a vital part to shedding what we don’t need and also to achieve quiet – so take time to be still.

just be still.

quiet yourself, your mind and your life.

shed in order to prepare for winter and renewal.

look outside your window and realize that 2020 isn’t over, and it isn’t something to write off or discard.

life can be short – don’t play russian roulette with it. (props to my mom for that life advice!)

2020 was given to us by God for a reason and if you are reading this – breathing in and out – then God hasn’t called you home and you still have people to reach with the Gospel, you still have people to love and care for, you still have a life to fill with beautiful memories.

there is still beauty around us if we will just take the time to seek it out, friends.

~ autumn r

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just a 20 something young woman with an old soul + a heart after Jesus

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