A New Year & Introduction

Hello, friends!

First of all, a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

It is so refreshing to have a fresh start every 365 days – although 2020 may have been full of ups and downs in many ways, personally, it was still a good year and I grew a lot as an individual.

My list of intentions for the new year is a little long, but doable, and I’m looking forward to the adventures and experiences this new year will bring!

I picked this year to intently focus on blogging as I take a step back from other social media outlets.

Being disconnected from all the buzz of social media isn’t as lonely or boring as you may think it to be – I’ve found it to be freeing, relaxing, and beneficial to my life as a whole.

What will this blog be about, and when will you post?

Let’s talk details about the blog and information you might want to know!

I’m going to be sharing about slow living and homesteading, with little life updates here and there! Homesteading is my current adventure and slow living is something I’m learning to embrace everyday, even though getting started wasn’t “slow” or “easy” at all!

While the blog does have an Instagram account, I am unsure if it will be directly posted to that – while Instagram works for many, it does not work for me.

Additionally, I get more engagement on blogging platforms than on Instagram platforms and have with every blog I’ve run previously!

The blog will have a new feature bi-weekly and be packed with relevant information based on homesteading, slow living or what I’ve been up to recently!

I am so looking forward to blogging again and creating content that is fun, honest, and wholesome! I have run two successful blogs prior to Grace Filled Southern, with both reaching international readers and amassing a monthly readership of over 2k.

So, what makes Grace Filled Southern different?

Simply put, it’s an extension of “me” at this stage in my life – just like the blogs before it.

The blogger I am now is very different than the blog writer “me” of 2008 and 2013! I’m in a completely different stage of life with different thoughts, feelings, goals and dreams.

What will I *not* be sharing on the blog?

Here’s the thing – even though I enjoy creating blog content, I’m still a very private person.

My husband and I are very private people as a couple and have no plans in changing that – identifying photographs, personal information, our location, and pictures of anyone but myself will not be shared as of right now, this includes pictures of children.

I always value and respect my readers, however, we live in an untamed world (especially on the internet) and so I have chosen to not include the above on the blog and I thank you in advance for understanding!

Sounds good, what’s next?

Now that I’ve shared the details with you, be on the lookout for the next blog post scheduled for January 15th!

It’s going to be an *amazing* post you won’t want to miss!

~ Autumn

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written by a 20-something wife, homesteader, floral farmer, content creator & freelance writer.

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