Sharing A Few January Favorites

Hi Ya’ll!

It’s hard to believe that January 2021 is almost over!

As we prepare to head into February, I wanted to share some of my “favorites” from this month and additional things I’ve been enjoying.

I’ll be covering beauty, lifestyle, home and kitchen items …. so no matter what you’re into, something will surely catch your eye!

I’ll try to link everything for you! Let’s get to it!

L’Occitane en Provence Cherry Blossom Perfume

I found this lovely, cheery perfume on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina during a family trip in the spring of 2015.

It’s a lighter, less heavy perfume and I find that while the scent is obviously there – it isn’t harsh to the point of giving me a headache!

It has top notes of freesia, cherry, and lily of the valley with a base scent that has amber and musk.

As a lover of all things French, this perfume and brand is among my top favorites and probably most-asked for at the holidays!

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo & Conditioner

My scalp has this habit of becoming flaky and unreasonably dry in the winter, even though I live in the South!

Finding a shampoo/conditioner duo that was healthy for hair and had good reviews while also being reasonably priced was no small feat.

I love how these two feel on my scalp and in less than a week I noticed less flaking and my scalps texture was more like normal! It leaves my hair feeling soft and also added a little gloss to my locks, which I loved.

While I do not color my hair at all, it also says it’s color safe, perfect for any gal who does!

TAL 64 oz. Water Bottle

I’ll admit it – I am not the best when it comes to keeping up with my water intake!

I’ve tried apps, trackers, and other great water bottles I still use and love – but this bottle has been working SO FREAKING GOOD!!

What makes this bottle so great for me is I don’t have to remember to refill it through the day.

I just work on this one bottle through the day and voila! Goal = met.

Obviously a little too large to fit into a car cup holder, but the seal on mine is awesome so I just toss it in the seat beside me!

I honestly never paid attention to this brand but my brother-in-love carries one all the time and seemed to be happy with his, so I decided to try this too, and I’m so happy I did.

Stok Cold Brew Coffee

Honestly, I don’t think I could function throughout the day without coffee … or at least some very caffeinated hot tea!

While I usually drink my favorite hot coffee in the morning to kick start my day this makes the perfect cup of iced coffee for the afternoons when I just need another boost.

In the realm of pre-made cold brew, it’s also pretty affordable! (I usually buy two of these a week … shhh!)

While you can make your own cold brew, and I’ve done so many times for work when I was a barista, it can be difficult to make in a non-commercial kitchen and for me the convenience factor is well worth the price!

Williams-Sonoma Vanilla Bean Coffee Syrup

As a barista in a past life like I mentioned above, I learned how to make a lot of different coffees and teas – one of my absolute favorites being London Fogs with 2 pumps of lavender syrup and 1 pump of vanilla bean syrup!!

I make these a lot at home, and this is the best vanilla syrup I’ve found so far.

It’s probably one of the smoothest, purest ones I’ve tried in a long while and I’m already planning my next trip to get more. No, it isn’t cheap, but good drinks are the result of great products!

You can use it in all kinds of drinks, though, so if you don’t like hot teas don’t cross it out!

Essie Nail Polish in “Mrs. Always Right”

Ya’ll – I finally found my perfect shade of red nails!

For me this is a big deal. I don’t look good in most shades of red, but this faded rose-red is perfect.

Plus, Essie polishes (along with the “Speedy Set” top coat!) lasts me about 1.5 weeks or longer if I wear my cleaning/gardening gloves and generally mind my nails.

A win-win for me as somebody who, after years of going to the nail salon, exclusively does my own nails now – so long lasting is a must!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector

I forget exactly how I came across this stuff sent from God Himself, but ……. it is heavenly.

Somewhere between a concealer and a cc/light coverage foundation, it’s a match made in heaven for me!!

Plus – it has anti-aging benefits and SPF in it as well! I’m the shade “Ivory to Fair” and at first it appears a little dark for my skintone, but after a minute, melts to complete color-matching perfection.

To say I love this stuff is an understatement!

It has a finish that I would call demi-matte, with a touch of radiance. My oily/combo skin keeps this on well and because I do get a little oily throughout the day, I just lightly dab on some of the Neutrogena oil control setting powder on my t-zone.

CeraVe Cream-To-Foam Cleanser

I’m new to the CeraVe brand, but gosh do I love this cleanser!

While all the cleansers seemed to have good reviews, I choose this one because it said it removes makeup specifically, along with cleansing away dirt and grime as well.

It does just that – I get in my nightly rinse off before bed and use this in the shower, and when I get out all traces of makeup (even mascara!) are gone!

My skin is very sensitive, and so far this hasn’t broken me out in spots or made my face red. Love it!

Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener

I believe (?) this is a new line from Febreze, but I love these things!

Right now, I have one in our mudroom (basically a Southern staple found in many homes!) where our indoor-outdoor cat spends a lot of his time as he gets older.

I really love pet odor candles (I just love candles in general) but with him spending more and more time in the mudroom, I feel uneasy with having a live candle around him.

He’s super curious about them and has almost knocked it over more than once, which is one too many times for me!

I got one of these air fresheners in the scent “Gain” and its the perfect scent for the mudroom, since thats also where we have our washer/dryer. Plus, these things are supposed to last 45 days, so we’ll see!

Blundstone Boots

Goodness, these things have been on my wishlist for so long!

I got these as a Christmas present and if you’ve ever wondered if they are worth the price – I’d say yes, every penny!

These will last me for years to come and are all weather, all terrain and also come in a glossy brown or glossy black for a more dressy look.

Beware; because these are Australian boots, they also go by AU sizing.

I got professionally fitted for them and while I’m usually a US 10.5, I’m an AU 7.5 – so I’d def recommend getting fitted for these, especially since they are not cheap and need to fit perfectly in order to break them in well!

And thats a wrap, ya’ll, a handful of my January 2021 favorites!

Like I said on the top of this post, whatever I can link will be listed down below.


Autumn Renae

*NOTE: I was not compensated for mentioning any of the brands or items above. All opinions are my own. No products were collected as part of a review. All photographs are my own.

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