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Welcome back to the blog! Today is a blog post I didn’t really “plan” to do, but I had the extra time and felt the need to use this creative outlet, so I’m happy you are here!

I am so amazed at how this spring looks compared to last spring; life has calmed down so much, my mindset is different, I’ve grown as a person, I’ve grown spiritually, my marriage is stronger, and my goals in life are a lot more clear.

One thing is for certain – this confidence, this direction, has come with age.

Next month, I turn the big 2-5. And, to be totally honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it!

Of course, I’m very grateful that the Lord grants me breath every single day, but growing older hits people differently.

I thought my life would look so vastly different than it does currently, but God had other plans, and my life is definitely not “horrible”, I just thought it would be different.

In high school, I was making all these big plans and dreams and few of them have actually come to pass.

This, I’ve concluded, is because in high school I based most of these dreams by time – when it reality, I should have measured them by finances, work schedules, and family obligations!

25 is by far not what I would consider “old”, but a lot of other 25 year olds I know still act like adolescent teens who lack respect, integrity, and maturity even though they know better …. sigh! Whatever happened to having common sense and courtesy?

Life on the homestead has been going steady, I’m pleased to say!

I’ve already set goals for a (hopefully!) flourishing garden this late spring with plans to work on learning to preserve a bit better, cook from scratch at least 50% of the time, create/build a sturdy chicken coop, and grow fresh cut flowers.

Crafting and reading has kinda gotten pushed to the backburner as of late, and this I’m really hoping to correct!

The next few months hold some exciting happenings that I’m ready for after a dark, cold, and very wet winter that I managed to stay cheerful through much better than other years.

On a family level, I think things are on the up and up.

Friendship and family are things I hold very dear, I pour myself into relationships and although I tend to get burnt rather than cherished back, I simply love being a good friend and family member to the point I no longer care much about how badly burned I get. I’m still going to love people!

I’m planning on publishing some exciting and in depth posts within the coming months on a variety of topics I’m passionate about, so I hope you stick around to read them!

What is some advice you’d give your 25-yrear-old self!? Drop a comment below!

~ A.R.N

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written by a 20-something wife, homesteader, floral farmer, content creator & freelance writer.

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