June Favorites!

Hi there!! Wow, how is it almost July?!

I wanted to share some “favorites” of the month today, ranging from physical products I’ve been loving to simple things I’ve changed and/or incorporated into my life this month!

1. TAZO “Dream”

If you know me personally, you know my obsession with teas!

I have two cabinets dedicated to it, and I’ve recently added another … hehe 😉

When I got back from Idaho, I found it hard to go to sleep even though I was home.

So, where did I turn to? Tea, naturally!

The TAZO Dream tea is a yummy blend that puts me to sleep easily and tastes great with no sweetener or good with it.

It is a blend of valerian root, chamomile, lavender, almond and vanilla … and wow does it work great!

Valerian is a very potent root and does wonders to make one fall asleep.

I don’t drink this every night, just when I need some help to relax enough to get sleepy!

2. Co-washing

Recently, I discovered “co-washing”.

Co-washing is the act of washing your hair with conditioner …. Just conditioner!

My hair is the softest it’s ever been and my usual, uncontrollable frizzy hair from the humidity is now nonexistent.

3. A New Morning Devotional

Simply put, I got tired of doing my morning devotions on my phone or laptop!

I think Bible apps can be great, but having to turn on a screen so early in the morning started giving me a lot of migraines …. And I just didn’t like it.

I got the Morning by Morning Devotional Journal by Charles Spurgeon and it’s such a cherished item of mine now!

This devotion is the best because on the left side it’s the devotional, and on the right is lined paper to journal/take notes/write down a prayer.

Love it!

4. Agave Nectar

While in Idaho, I was at a store and couldn’t find honey for my teas – but I found agave nectar!

It wasn’t something I was familiar with, but OH MY GOSH do I love this stuff!!

I’m certainly not against honey, at all, but a recent bottle of agave has been a much welcomed sweetener to our pantry.

It’s awesome for teas and baking!

5. Plant-Based SPF

In 2016, I changed all my skincare products to cruelty free.

In 2018, I changed all my skincare products to be about 50% naturally based

In 2020, I changed all my skincare products to be so organic their edible, 0% hormone disrupting, and 100% toxin free.

I’m someone who’s work SPF on my face daily since I was 14, and I’ve finally found a good toxin-free & organic facial spf!

The Beauty by Earth SPF 20+ is a wonderful botanical and mineral based product with no white cast to be found.

No sun damage for me, please!

6. DIY ACV + Nettle Hair Rinse

In addition to co-washing only, I’ve also added a twice weekly homemade natural hair rinse that’s super easy to make!

I make it to fit in a glass bottle that I saved, and the ratio is simple; 1 part ACV to 4 parts nettle, rosemary or peppermint tea.

I usually have to make this every week or every week and a half, but it’s very simple to make and is very economical to make!

The ACV helps regulate the scalp (I have a scalp condition, and this works better than my prescription shampoo) and the nettle tea helps stimulate hair growth and thicken …. for me, it does what it says!

One of the two also adds a healthy dose of shine, which I also love.

I’ve found I can make around 15-20ish batches of the rinse for around $8 for both the ACV and box of nettle tea, instead of spending $16-$22 dollars every three weeks for a store bought version of the same exact thing!

Plus, when I make it I leave out the hormone distributors and toxins, so it’s a win-win for me.


And that’s it, my June favorites!

*Note: I make zero commission from any products that you may buy based off this post. I am not a doctor, dermatologist, or herbal practitioner nor do I give any medical advice. These are holistic things that work for me and my body, which may not work for yours!

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