Enjoying The (Little) Things

Happy Summer, friends 🙂

It’s funny I say that, because growing up, I actually hated summertime!

I hated the heat, the sticky-ness of the humidity, and all the hustle and bustle in town since the whole country was out of school.

But as I grow older, I don’t mind it as much – in fact, I’m learning to actually enjoy summertime instead of just suffering through it!

It started with how I changed my mindset over it; I wanted to embrace this warm season with opens arms.

echinacea + lavender my husband bought me

I wanted to find the little joys, the various beautiful little things, and smile because of these things.

People, from my observation, tend to miss the little things in life – everyone’s face is either glued to their phone or they are in such a hurry here and there that they don’t even stop for a breath!

But life is much more than a screen, and constant busyness is detrimental to mental and physical health.

Life is about people, the relationships with them, and the hearts of them all.

Of course there is a lot to life, but that’s what it all boils down to – relationships.

It’s spending time, off the phone, and being present with them – laughing, talking, having deep and hard conversations, and sometimes just sitting presently in silence.

green honey iced tea, hibiscus honey iced tea and my favorite sun hat!

There is an adorable little cafe in my town where I love to meet my friends/family at to chat and drink tea or coffee in the gardens – it’s always such a lovely time!

While it’s in the heart of downtown, the garden area is a sanctuary filled with birds, insects, and a few butterflies and just adds to its character.

Enjoying the little things isn’t hard – but the slowing down to get to that point might be!

If you’re younger than 28 or 30, chances are you grew up on some form of social media be it MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

Being 25, I grew up mostly without social media but did get a Facebook and Instagram around 16 or 17 and can attest to how absolutely lovely growing up without social m was!!

And that’s where most of my best memories are – when I truly lived, without likes and hearts sizing up the value of my life.

essie, the barn cat who lives in our mudroom and not the barn!

In fact, social media is something my husband and I don’t intend to have in our home with our children, at all.

To see the little things, you have to be in a slower state or else you miss all the tiny aspects of beauty around you.

Slowing your mind, banishing any worries, and just being present is how you uncover these little joys – I like to do it sitting on a blanket outside with a good book 🙂

a good book and some chocolate never hurt anything!

There’s so much life out there, and I’m glad that I’m learning to simply enjoy the little things before I’m too old or it’s too late.

I’ve been working on this, persistently, since early 2020 and all the hard work is finally paying off!

That’s another thing; because a lot of the (younger) generation has been conditioned with constant entertainment, it is going to take time to learn to still yourself and to be present.

It’s a sad, but true, fact.

Even for me, who lived most of my childhood without it, it’s taken about a year and a half to get the hang of it, but it’s worth it!

a caterpillar that will soon become a beautiful butterfly!

So take time to teach yourself to slow down, enjoy the little things, nourish the relationships in your life … and live your life for what it is not the little perfect squares that life has become!

Enjoy the little moments, friends, because one day you’ll run short of them and either be satisfied with all you experienced … or be regretful for all that you did not.

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written by a 20-something wife, homesteader, floral farmer, content creator & freelance writer.

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