Interesting Things About … Myself

Hello, there!

A lot of my posts lately have been pretty deep, and while I love to articulate deep thoughts and complex subjects, I thought I’d do a different type of post today.

Today, I’ll share some interesting things about me!

I’ve gotten questions about what I like to do or what interests me, mostly by non-local readers, and so this post is fitting in that context 🙂

I thought this post might help the readers who wish to know a little more about the woman behind the computer screen!

A little bit about me …..

– I’m half German, half Irish, with a little Cherokee mixed in! Actually, my mothers father was full blooded Cherokee.

– I adore art history, and it was my favorite college class! I love American and European art from the 1400’s to the 1500’s the best

– I was dyslexic from a young age, I struggled a lot in school because of this and was homeschooled to accommodate this, I have zero struggles with it now though besides sometimes writing the letter B and the number 3 backwards.

– The outdoors is my ultimate happy place! I am much happier outside than in four walls

– I married at the age of 20, only dating my now-husband for about three months and have never regretted any of it.

– Growing up, I was exposed to a lot of different things: jazz, opera, travel, cultures, and various pursuits that included figure skating, ballet, karate and the equestrian field which I am very grateful for, as it has made me into a well rounded adult

– my favorite artist is Albrecht Dürer, and I hope to one day have a copy of his painting “Young Hare”

– I’m a seamstress by trade and learned from three accomplished talents: one a pattern/draft maker, one a fashion historian, one a custom clothier from New York. I ran my very own textile studio from 12th grade to about a year after I married.

– travel is important to me, and my top bucket list places include; Iceland, the German village of my ancestors, Greece, Venice, Japan, Switzerland and Australia.

– my friend group is exceptionally small: I have a best friend, a wise friend, a Christian counselor, and a merit friend. That is my small circle, and the people I trust and respect in my life as pillars.

– being alone let’s me recharge, and I could honestly go away from our homestead maybe once a month and I’d totally be fine!

– I dislike technology, despise television, and failed my high school computer class twice (yet I run a blog, ha!)

– my vinyl collection is a broad one; with my favorite two vinyls being one of Dolly Partons first ever albums, and the original soundtrack to Star Wars!

– I’m kind to everyone, no matter who it is. My late father was a person who could really, truly dislike someone and they would never know it; I inherited this.

– instrumental music is my jam: jazz, lo-fi, Spanish guitar, soundtracks … I highly dislike music with words to it, even though I’d say it’s much more common!

– I studied piano for 10 or 11 years, and can write my own sheet music on plain paper even though I haven’t in a very long while. I composed my own songs and played them at events and even a graduation, before coming to the conclusion I disliked playing in front of others.

– genealogy is a favorite pastime

– I’ve written three novels and two separate volumes of poetry, although I have never published any of it

– My blood family is very small, it is just my mom and I now. However, I am very close to my husbands family and count his parents as my parents, and his brothers as my brothers

– I absolutely adore the rain; I’d much rather wake to a new day full of rain than full of sun

– my favorite colors are deep, rich, jewel tones

– I’m pleased to say I do, in fact, know a real life published author and she is one of “the friends” I mentioned earlier!

– politics are not my forte, even though I am involved on a civil level, I do not care for it … at all … I’m friends with people of all different “voting” categories and affiliations

Now for some big ones!!!

– I do not care a lot for Christmas. There was a family death right at that time of year when I was young, and it affected me greatly. I also hate the commercialism that Christmas has been turned into. My late fathers birthday was also around Christmas …. we do, however, traditionally host Christmas for mine and my husbands family on the homestead and I do truly enjoy that!

– I run by the olde calendar; via the seasons and life’s rhythm and in turn that feels more “right” to me

– I can speak a fair amount of German, American Sign Language and have learned a little Hebrew and Greek as well. Languages are an art form that I hope to perfect

– I love collecting art by local artists when I travel and have enough unique prints for a full wall dedicated just for them! I’m very pleased about this and it’s taken years to get to this point!


That seems like a good bit of information! I hope you know the woman behind the screen a little better now 🙂

The blogs readership has grown to reach more than just the United States now – we have readership from around eight different countries now, and to feel connected to a writer engages readership and creates a link between the writer and reader from the screen to real life.

Personally, I’m actually a pretty private person and I love that – but I was happy to share some about myself today!

Each one of us is a unique individual and that is what makes the world go ‘round! Own your uniqueness; the world belongs to the brave individuals who really shine.

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written by a 20-something wife, homesteader, floral farmer, content creator & freelance writer.

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