How To Start A Morning Quiet Time Routine!!

Hello, there!

I pray you are having a blessed, joyful and peaceful day in Christ 🙂

Today I wanted to tackle the subject of how to start a daily quiet time routine that’s centered around Christ!

If there’s any “new year habit” that is absolutely essential, this is it!!

By starting off your day with Christ, you’re meeting Him each morning before the stress and chaos of the world we live in attacks you the rest of the day.

You’re quieting your heart before Him, allowing Him to speak to you in the quiet. 🤍

You’re seeking Him as you rise up for the day.

But here’s the thing: you have to make it a priority to reap the blessings of early worship!

The enemy is going to try and squash this habit – you’ll miss your alarm clock, you won’t want to get out of bed, you’ll be running late and not have time, and some mornings you may wake up with the attitude of just not caring.

I completely get this!! I’m at work from 8 AM to 7 PM, and don’t even get home until closer to 7:45 PM.

Then there’s cooking dinner, housework, and trying to spend a little time with my spouse before I knock out before 10 PM!

Did I mention I have over a half hour commute? That means I’m also getting up early to begin with …. and prioritizing my quiet time even earlier.

I used to have alllllllll my quiet time things next to my bed, until I found I had the problem of falling back asleep in the middle of what was supposed to be a sweet time with Jesus 😅

So to keep it easier, everything I need is in a tray on the ottoman in front of our (aka my) loveseat in our living room.

Just having everything together and organized in a central place day after day makes it much easier to keep this habit alive!

Unless you can stay awake easy once you wake up, I’d say it’s beneficial to have a “special place” set up for your quiet time.

This can be a favorite chair in a home office, a loveseat in your living room, etc …. it can be anywhere you’d like – it’s mostly just about selecting a quiet spot that you’re going to be comfortable in for a little bit!

Back to having all your materials in something, it’s helpful to be able to keep up with your materials so you’re not constantly loosing them. I find using something like a tray, decorative box, etc is super helpful for this! 🕊

When you’re first starting your habit of making time with Christ each morning, remember this: it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Christ doesn’t make Christianity complicated – humans do.

You don’t have to have a 8-step morning quiet time unless that’s what is impressed on your heart to do.

You just have to show up every morning with a heart and mind open to Him to speak to and hopefully a Bible open in your lap so He can use that to show you His truth for you!

When I first made this a priority, I was terrified.

What if I do it wrong?”

“What if God thinks it’s not good enough?”

What if the other people in my life judge what I share about my quiet time?”

When you first start making this a daily habit, the enemy is going to try to plant a lot of lies and doubts and fears of looking dumb in your mind.


There is no “wrong” way to have your quiet time.

God is pleased when we spend time with Him and lovingly opens His arms to this special time with you.

Who cares what others in your life think about your quiet time with God??

If they feel inclined to make remarks about you spending time with Jesus and drawing closer to Jesus – that says a whole lot about their own heart and lack of faithful servitude to Christ.

Personally, I like to have these things for my quiet time:

– A Bible (I have several, but a few I really like for my morning quiet time)

– My Prayer/Praise Journal (I like to write out my prayers sometimes and like to list praises down as well)

– Post it notes, pens, highlighters

You don’t need a lot of fancy, extra things to make your quiet time with Jesus amazing!

I personally also like to keep it quiet during this time, for me it helps to focus on the Holy Spirit better in the stillness of complete silence, so I listen to worship music after my quiet time.

To start your morning quiet time habit, all you really need to do is this: make it a priority, let go of any lies the enemy will try to tell you, select a spot to have this beautiful time in, keep your routine simple and realize that this is time for you and God – in the stillness of the morning. ✨

The best way is to just start!

Select tomorrow morning, or Monday, and simply set your clock back 30 minutes.

Get up, grab your Bible, and be prepared for the joy, peace and beautiful time that is in store for you!

Do this every morning, and reap the blessings of quiet communion with Jesus each and every morning. 💕

Stay blessed, friends!

~ Autumn

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written by a 20-something wife who loves Jesus 🤍

One thought on “How To Start A Morning Quiet Time Routine!!

  1. This is fantastic, Autumn. May I use it with your name on it for a bible study I’m preparing? You must do something with your writing within the Christian community. I will keep this short but I want you to know I pray for you, especially after receiving the email about your last year. I wish I could just hug you and cry with you, but I understand that I am *personna non grata* around your environs, and I don’t want to make it hard on you, but I miss you and will just love you from afar. Hugs, Judy

    On Sat, Jan 15, 2022 at 3:07 PM Grace Filled Southern wrote:

    > A.R.N posted: ” Hello, there! I pray you are having a blessed, joyful and > peaceful day in Christ 🙂 Today I wanted to tackle the subject of how to > start a daily quiet time routine that’s centered around Christ! If there’s > any “new year habit” that is absolut” >


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