My Prayer Over 2022

Today I wanted to share the prayer I prayed over 2022 🤍

I keep a regular prayer journal (super helpful, by the way!) and it’s awesome to be able to look back on prayers.

My husband and I prayed together over this year and it was such a sweet time. 🕊

Here was my prayer:

“Dear Lord,

Thank You for allowing me to see yet another new year, each and every breath I take is because You allow it.

Lord, I lift this year up to You.

You know our desires, dreams, plans and goals – Lord may we wait on You to fulfill them and we lay them down at Your feet.

Lord we pray for a child, that we may have a quiver full of Christ Followers and modern day Apostles.

Lord we pray for healing, for both of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

Lord we pray you strengthen us as a couple – may we love You more to love each other better.

Lord, I pray over our individual worries, mental battles, and anxieties – may Your peace overcome them.

Lord I pray over the spiritual battles we will face this year, and I ask for spiritual strength.

Protect us from forces of evil, and fixate our minds on You.

May we live so that others will see You through us.

In Jesus’ Name,

Amen 🤍

~ Autumn

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written by a 20-something wife who loves Jesus 🤍

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