The Story of Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks Farm

Established in 1895, Seven Oaks Farm was established by Autumn’s great-great grandmother whose lineage was traced to England.

From 1895 forward it has belonged solely to the Shuke family, making Autumn the 5th generation to live and work her family farm now known as Seven Oaks.

How did Seven Oaks get it’s name? Through the generations many of the oak trees grew into massive sizes, however, when hurricane Fran came through in 1996 it took seven of these historical oak trees down with it. Thus, in 2012 the farm adopted the name Seven Oaks Farm.

When the farm was originally settled it produced oats, wheat, beans and a host of different animals both for meat and for everyday use such as transportation and companionship.

Today the farm produces wheat, corn, soybeans and in recent years it has also produced quality fescue hay. In the future Seven Oaks end goal is to be a sustainable, green and productive farm where it will also introduce quality fiber products to enhance its sustainability.

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