Our Homesteading Journey


As I write this, I hope to someday look back at this page and go “wow!” after what all my Husband and I hope to accomplish on this homesteading journey we have set out on.

I was blessed to live on my family’s farm since birth and learned to love the land!

My father’s side of the family founded this place in 1895, after settling here all the way from England. It’s been passed down every generation since then, which has kept it going for the 5th generation now!

In April, I got married here to my sweet Husband, Sam. It was beautiful and there is nowhere else in this world I would have wanted to tie the knot, not only because the land itself is an heirloom, but also my parents were wed here as well.

When we knew we were going to get married, Sam and I built our house here on the land and have the most gorgeous view every morning when we wake up.

There are a lot of goals and dreams for this place and our homesteading journey has only begun, but it is so exciting to plan for the upcoming years and then have the gratification of looking back and seeing how far we’ve come!

2017 holds a lot of promise and intrigue, and I cannot wait to kick off the new year with a list of goals in my hand and an attitude full of possibility!

Autumn Renae